12th Class Physics Sample Paper Physics Sample Paper-7

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    Rashmi's Grandfather was old. Due to some reasons, doctor suggested him to go through an endoscopic tests. Grandfather had never gone through any such test ever before. So, he was afraid. He thought that these tests will cause negative effects on his body organs.
    Therefore, he was not ready for endoscopy. Everyone tried to let him understand and convince him. But, he got ready only when his granddaughter Rashmi convinced him and explained that it is nothing but just a test in which light wave is involved and possessing total internal reflection, which is used to view and observe the internal parts of the body.
    (i) What are the values of grandfather and the granddaughter's relation displayed here?
    (ii) What is the basic principle used in optical fibre?


    (i) The grandfather and granddaughter have affection for each other, caring and having high mutual understanding. As even after many persons, grandfather only listened to his granddaughter and understood lovingly of what his granddaughter was explaining intelligently.
    (ii) The basic working principle of optical fibre is Total Internal Reflection (TIR).

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