12th Class Physics Sample Paper Physics Sample Paper-7

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    One night Vikas was preparing for his Physics exam. Suddenly, the light in his room went off and he could not continue his studies. His cousin brother Bablu who had come to visit him quickly responded and turn on the light of his mobile phone. After that, he fixed the blown out fuse and then he checked the wiring and located a short circuit. He rectified it and put a fuse wire. The light came to life again. Vikas had a sign of relief and continued his studies.
    (i) What are the values projected by Vikas and Bablu?
    (ii) Why did Bablu have to check the wiring?
    (iii) What is an electric fuse? What characteristics you would prefer for a fuse wire?


    (i) Acknowledging the help from others with gratitude. Awareness of technology, helping tendency, practical knowledge of the subject.
    (ii) Bablu checked the wiring, because he has practical knowledge and he can rectify the problem.
    (iii) An electric fuse is a wire used as a safety device, which melts when current exceeds the limit. Fuse wire has low melting point and high resistivity.

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