Railways Sample Paper RRB (Assistant Loco Pilot) Sample Test Paper-1

  • question_answer The mean of marks secured by 60 students in division A of class X is 64, 40 students of division B is 60 and that of 60 students of division C is 58. Find the mean of marks of the students of three divisions of Class X.

    A)  \[60.05\]            

    B)  \[59.35\]          

    C)         \[62.15\]            

    D)         \[60.75\]                      

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    Mean of marks of the students \[=\frac{(60\times 64+40\times 60+60\times 58)}{160}\] \[=\frac{9720}{160}=60.75\]


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