9th Class Science Sample Paper Sample Paper - 1 Term - 1

  • question_answer How can you separate a mixture of two miscible liquids? Take one example. Or Distinguish among true solution, suspension and colloid in a tabular form under the following characteristics. (i) Type of mixture        (ii) Stability (iii) Filterability              (iv) Size of solute (v) Visibility of particles  


    Example To separate acetone and water from their mixture. Procedure (i) Take the mixture in a distillation flask. Fit it with a thermometer. (ii) Set the apparatus as shown in the figure given below. (iii) Heat the mixture slowly and note the reading of thermometer. (iv) The acetone vaporizes condenser in condenser an can be collected in the beaker. (v) Water is left behind in the distillation flask.  (2) OR Difference between true solutions, suspension and colloid

    Characteristics True solution Suspension Colloid
    Type of mixture Homogeneous Heterogeneous Heterogeneous but appears to be homogeneous.
    Stability Stable, particles do not settle down on keeping. Not stable, particulars settle down filter paper. Stable, particles do not settle down on keeping.
    Filterability Passes through filter paper. Do not pass through filter paper. Passes through filter paper.
    Size of solute Very small i.e., less thancm in diameter. Quite large i.e., large than cm in diameter Between cm and cm in diameter
    Visibility of particles Not visible even with a powerful microscope. Visible even with naked eyes. Visible with the help of a microscope


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