9th Class Science Sample Paper Sample Paper - 1 Term - 1

  • question_answer Given below is a diagrammatic sketch of certain generalized cell. (i) Name the part numbered as 1 to 8.     (ii) It is plant cell or an animal cell. Give two reasons to support your answers.           (iii) Give one functions of parts marked as 1, 6   and 8.       


    (i)  1. Chloroplast 2. Vacuole 3. Mitochondria 4. Cytoplasm 5. Nucleolus 6. Nucleus 7. Cell membrane 8.  Cell wall                                                                                                                                                                                          (2) (ii) It is plant cell because (a) it has definite shape with cell wall. (b) chloroplast are present.                                                                                                                                                                         (1) (iii) Functions (a) Chloroplast They synthesize food by trapping solar energy so they are called kitchen of the cell. (b) Nucleus It control all the activities of the cell. (c) Cell wall It protect the plasma membrane and internal structures of the cell and helps in transporting various substances in and out of the cell.                                     (2)


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