10th Class Social Science Sample Paper Sample Paper - 4 Term - 1

  • question_answer   Why the Frankfurt Parliament is famous in history?


      The German middle class decided to vote for an all German National Assembly in 1848 and 831 persons were elected. They comprised the National Assembly. The assembly decided to organise the Parliament at Frankfurt in the church of St Paul. Thus, on 18th May, 1846, the famous Frankfurt Parliament was convened. The assembly decided that the German nation would be a constitutional monarchy controlled by the Parliament and offered the crown to the Prussian King, Friedrich Wilhelm IV. But he rejected it and joined other monacrhs to oppose the elected assembly. The Parliament also faced strong opposition from the aristocracy and military as it was dominated by the middle class who resisted the demands of workers and artisans. As a result of this, the middle class lost their mass support. Ultimately, the monarchy and military combined together with the aristocracy and won over the liberal nationalist middle class. This forced the assembly to disband. Therefore, the Frankfurt Parliament is famous in history as failure of liberalism and a victory of the monarchy.                                                                           (5)


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