9th Class Science Sample Paper Sample Paper - 5 Term - 1

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          Answer the following questions (a) Farmer 'X' planted soyabean + maize+ cowpea (lobia) in the same field simultaneously in a set row pattern. Farmer 'Y' planted cereal crop in one season and leguminous plant in next season on the same piece of land inpreplanned succession. Name the cropping pattern used by the farmers'X' and 'Y'. (b) What are the advantages of different cropping patterns followed by the farmers 'X' and 'Y'? (c) Differentiate between mixed cropping and mixed farming. Or One of your family friend is thinking toopen a dairy farm for economic purpose. He wants to earn profits by selling milk. While he was discussing this with your father, what additional information can you give based on your knowledge for maintenance of catties?


      (a) X- Inter cropping, Y-Crop rotation.                                                                                                                                     (1) (b) These cropping systems are beneficial in insect, pest and weed control, besides providing nutrients. They reduce the risk and give some insurance against failure of one of the crops. They give maximum benefit. They ensure maximum utilisation of the nutrients supplied.                                                                                                   (2) (c) Mixed cropping is growing of two or more crops simultaneously on the same piece of land. Mixed farming is a system of farming on a particular farm which includes crop production, raising of livestock, etc.  (2) Or The following points can be given in accordance withdairy farm (i) Exotic breeds can be selected for long lactation period (e.g., Jersey and Brown Swiss).                              (1) (ii) Necessary Maintenance (a) Proper cleaning of the sheds should be done regularly. (b) They   should   be   sheltered   under well-ventilated roofed sheds that will protect them against rain, heat and cold. (c) The floor should be kept sloping, so as to stay dry and to facilitate cleaning. (d) Animals should be brushed regularly toclear dirt and loose hair.                                                                          (1) (iii) Food Requirements Catties need a balanced ration having all the nutrients in proportional amount. Along with feeds, feed additives should also be given containing micro nutrients that would promote good health and milk production of catties. Animal Feed (a) Roughage Largely fibrous. (b) Concentrates Low in fibre but contain higher levels of proteins and other nutrients.                                 (1) (iv) Protection Against diseases the parasites of catties are of two types (a) External parasites living on the skin. (b) Internal parasites Affect stomach and intestine or liver.                                                                                          (1) Bacteria and viruses also cause infectious disease. Vaccinations and proper medical treatment should be done at regular intervals against disease if occurs respectively.                                                                                                                                                                                      (1)

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