NEET Biology The Living World Sample Paper Self Evaluation Test - The Living World

  • question_answer Match column-I with column-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below
      Column-I   Column-II
    A. Herbarium I. Includes those specimens which can be easily classified on their observable characters.
    B. Botanical garden II. Preserved specimens on sheets become a store house for future use.
    C. Museum III. Generally set up in educational institutes.
    D. Zoological IV. Includes those animals which are identified based on their aggregate of characters.
    E. Key V. All animals provided similar conditions to their natural habitat.
        VI. Includes animals of related orders.
        VII. Includes collections of living plants for reference.
        VIII. It identifies animals and plants on the basis of their similarities and dissimilarities

    A) A-I        B-II       C-VIII    D-V       E-III

    B) A-III      B-I        C-IV      D-II       E-V

    C) A-II       B-VII     C-III      D-V       E-VIII

    D) A-II       B-III      C-VII     D-I        E-IV

    Correct Answer: C

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