6th Class Social Science Sample Paper Social Science Sample Paper-7

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    (a) Who is an in-charge of all the Police Stations in district?
    (b) What the work the police have to do to prevent crime and maintain law and order in their area especially during festivals, public meetings etc.?



    (a) The Deputy Commissioner or S.S.P. is an incharge of all the Police Stations in a district. He is normally an officer from Indian Police Service.
    (b) (i) The police has a S.H.O., who comes into action immediately, after the crime has been reported.
    (ii) The police keeps a record of all suspected criminals along with their photographs.
    (iii) During festivals and public meetings, police booths are opened at the place of action and immediate action is taken.
    (iv) In order to maintain law and order, the police goes on regular rounds, both during the daytime and at night.


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