SSC Sample Paper SSC CGL - Sample Paper-13

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    A trader sells two cycles at Rs. 1188 each and gains 10% on the first and loses 10% on the second. What is the profit or loss per cent on the whole?

    A) 1% loss 

    B) 1% gain

    C) No loss no gain  

    D) 2% loss

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    By using the rule, When there is a profit of x % and loses of y% then the resultant Profit/loss \[=\left( x-y-\frac{xy}{100} \right)%\] Here,     \[x=y=10%\] Profit/loss \[=\left( 10-10-\frac{10\times 10}{100} \right)%=-1%\] Negative sign represent, there is a loss of 1%          

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