SSC Sample Paper SSC CGL - Sample Paper-13

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    Direction: A series is given with one/two term missing. Choose the correct alternative from the given ones that will complete the series.
    KM5, IPS, GS11, EV14?

    A) BX17               

    B) BY17

    C) CY 17  

    D) CY 18

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    1st letter \[K\xrightarrow{-\,2}I\xrightarrow{-\,2}G\xrightarrow{-\,2}E\xrightarrow{-\,2}(C)\] 2nd letter \[M\xrightarrow{+\,3}P\xrightarrow{+\,3}S\xrightarrow{+\,3}V\xrightarrow{+\,3}(Y)\] 3rd letter \[5\xrightarrow{+\,3}8\xrightarrow{+\,3}11\xrightarrow{+\,3}14\xrightarrow{+\,3}(14)\]     

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