SSC Sample Paper SSC (Group-C) Sample Test Paper-4

  • question_answer 15 litres of pure milk are added to 30 litres of a milk solution containing 15% milk. Find the con- centration of the resultant solution.

    A)  \[82.5%\]                   

    B)  \[75.5%\]

    C)  75%               

    D)  \[44.4%\]

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

     15 Itr Milk (Add) 30 Itr Mixture             4.5 Ltr Total Milk = 19.5 Ltr \[=\frac{19.5}{45}\times 100=\frac{195}{450}\times 100\] \[\frac{39\times 100}{90}=\frac{390}{9}=\frac{390}{9}=44.4%\]


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