JEE Main & Advanced Physics Two Dimensional Motion Sample Paper Topic Test - Two Dimensional Motion

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    An aeroplane moving horizontally with a speed of 720 km/h drops a food pocket, while flying at a height of 396.9 m.  the time taken by a food pocket to reach the ground and its horizontal range is (Take \[g=\text{ }9.8m/se{{c}^{2}}\])

    A) 3 sec and 2000 m

    B) 5 sec and 500 m

    C) 8 sec and 1500 m

    D) 9 sec and 1800 m

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    [d]\[t=\sqrt{\frac{2h}{g}}=\sqrt{\frac{2\times 396.9}{9.8}}\tilde{-}9\,\sec \] and \[u=720\,km/hr=200\,m/s\] \[\therefore \] \[R=u\times t=200\times 9=1800\,m\]

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