JEE Main & Advanced Physics Two Dimensional Motion Sample Paper Topic Test - Two Dimensional Motion

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    At the height 80 m, an aeroplane is moving with 150 m/s. A bomb is dropped from it so as to hit a target. At what distance from the target should the bomb be dropped (given \[g=\text{ }10m/{{s}^{2}}\])           

    A) 605.3 m

    B) 600 m

    C) 80 m    

    D) 230 m

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    [a] The horizontal distance covered by bomb, \[BC={{v}_{H}}\times \sqrt{\frac{2h}{g}}=150\sqrt{\frac{2\times 80}{10}}=660m\]   \[\therefore \] The distance of target from dropping point of bomb, \[AC=\sqrt{A{{B}^{2}}+B{{C}^{2}}}=\sqrt{{{(80)}^{2}}+{{(600)}^{2}}}=605.3\,m\]

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