CLAT Sample Paper UG-CLAT Mock Test-1 (2020)

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    Study the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:
    The Government has constituted a Group of Ministers (GoM) on 15th January, 2019 to examine the existing legal and institutional frameworks for dealing with matters of sexual harassment of women at the workplace. The Group of Ministers was constituted in October 2018 after the "“Me Too"” campaign. The group was reconstituted under the Home Minster in July 2019. The GoM will recommend actions required for effective implementation of the existing provisions, as well as for strengthening the existing legal and institutional frameworks for addressing issues related to sexual harassment at workplace. The Group of Ministers has been constituted in view of the felt need for broader consultation on this issue, from the point of view of developing appropriate recommendations and laying down a comprehensive plan of action and for ensuring its time bound implementation. There have been several women harassment cases registered in several places of India. But an incident like Me Too instigates such immediate and strict actions to be taken by the Government as well as awareness from the public.
    What is the aim of the constituted GoM in July 2019?

    A) To give recommendations to tackle the existing harassment of women at the workplaces

    B) To recommend measures to address the matters related to strengthening safe work place

    C) To recommend measures to reduce the sexual harassment of women at working place

    D) To recommend effective application of existing sexual harassment frameworks at work place

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    Rationale: (d) Reasoning type: Cause-and-Effect Reasoning a showing causes and resulting effect\[\to \]Help the other person see why things have happened or will happen as they do Focus of the question: Assumption and inference\[\to \]Basic idea and level of truth Relationship analogy: Degrees of a Characteristic Analogies\[\to \]The “degrees of a characteristic” relation in analogies can best be explained by looking at an example. The main focus of the passage is on the formation of GoM. The formation has taken place twice. Once was in January - 2019 and in July 2019. The aim of refraining GoM in July was to strengthen the existing legal frameworks to tackle and reduce the women harassment in the working places, than making a new set of laws or proceedings to handle the harassment issues.

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