CLAT Sample Paper UG-CLAT Mock Test-9 (2020)

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    Calling it an “"intelligence failure”" during US President Donald Trump'’s state visit to India, Tamil superstar Rajinikanth Wednesday said the government should step down if it'’s unable to control the violence in northeast Delhi over the Citizenship Amendment Act should with an “"iron fist”".
    In his first reaction on the violence that has so far claimed at least 27 lives, Rajnikanth accused “"some parties (of) using religion for their politics.”"
    "“If you are not controlling it (protest) now, in the future it will be a huge problem,"” he said, adding that the government should control the "“protesters with an iron fist",” or “"resign if they are not capable of doing it."”
    He also urged the government to implement steps to bring the situation under control. “"It is an intelligence failure in Delhi. They should have taken more care when Trump was around",” he said.
    Referring to BJP'’s Kapil Mishra who had threatened anti-CAA protesters, just hours before violence escalated in the area, Rajnikanth said the entire party cannot be blamed. “"Just because one person spoke about it, don’t blame the entire party",” he said.
    The actor, who had previously supported the Citizenship Amendment Act, said he is “"hurt"” that he is being associated with the BJP over his personal views. “"I said my views on CAA, immediately a few senior journalists, few senior politicians are claiming that I am a BJP man. It’s hurting",” he said, adding that the Act is not likely to be repealed (despite the protests).
    Actor Kamal Haasan lauded Rajinikanth for speaking out on the violence. “"Well done my friend Rajinikanth! come this way, this is the right path. This is not a separate way (Taking a dig at his famous movie dialogue en vazhi thani vazhi), an entire race has marched this royal way. Welcome, congrats,"” Haasan tweeted.
    Defending his support to the amended citizenship law, the actor said he would be the first to raise his voice if there was any threat to Muslims in the country.
    Speculation over Rajnikanth joining the BJP had been rife especially since after his support to the government on the CAA. Last year, the superstar clarified that he would not be swayed by the "“many attempts"” to “"saffronise”" him. Saying that the ‘'media has always linked him to the BJP, which is not true'’, Rajinikanth had said, "“Many attempts have been made to saffronise me, just like how it was done to Thiruvalluvar. But, neither Thiruvalluvar nor I will get caught in this.”"
    The actor had launched Rajini Makkal Mandram before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections but has not yet contested elections.
    What are the options before the government according to Rajnikanth?

    A) Control protests with iron fist

    B) Resign    

    C) Both (a) and (b)

    D) Neither (a) nor (b)

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    (c) If you are not controlling it (protest) now, in the future it will be a huge problem," he said, adding that the government should control the "protesters with an iron fist," or "resign if they are not capable of doing it.

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