Solved papers for 10th Class English Solved Paper - English-2017 Outside Delhi Set-II

done Solved Paper - English-2017 Outside Delhi Set-II

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    Read the passage carefully:
    One would imagine that at the very sight of the anther, deer, antelopes and its other preys would just run for their lives. Nothing of the sort. They all stand their ground and make such a loud noise that the panther is left with no other choice except to leave quietly. I have seen a tiny chital baby standing in the middle of an opening in the forest, stamping its feet on the ground and shooing away a tiger. With the white of its erect, tail showing, it kept up its shrill call until the tiger made itself scarce. No tiger in its senses would attempt to catch such an impertinent, brat, just as you would not dream of catching an offending crow cawing away in your verandah.
    While the panther sticks to cover and hugs the edge of the forest, the game animals, on the other hand, like to assemble right out in open vast grazing grounds. Open spaces which the panther carefully avoids, are what the game animals deliberately seek.
    It is difficult to describe the pandemonium kicked up by various animals when they spot or suspect a panther around. The chital strikes a shrill note, the kakar, emits a deafening bark and the sambar rings a bell. The peacock on its perch, the jungle fowl on the ground, and the monkey on treetops, all join in the chorus of condemnation of the panther. They curse the panther in their own inimitable language. The resulting confusion of sounds is so irritating to the sharp ears of the panther that it is left with no other option except to go away.
    The panther has thus to deal with its ever alert and watchful associates who show no mercy and expect none. It is a fight between finesse and flight, between clever attack and skilful defence.
    Contrary to the common belief, the panther never springs upon its prey. It stalks as close to its victim as it can manage, and then makes the final dash by rushing at it at lightning speed.
    Answer the following questions:
    (a) How did the tiny ' chital' shoo away the tiger?

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    Complete the following paragraph by filling in the blanks with the help of the given options:
    He screamed so loudly that the pigeons pecking ................... the scattered grains in (b) ................... courtyard (c) ................... off in a flurry.
    (a) (i) on (ii) at (iii) over (iv) in
    (b) (i) the (ii) a (iii) an (iv) some
    (c) (i) take (ii) takes (iii) took (iv) taking

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    The following paragraph has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Write the error and its correction as shown in the example.
    Error Correction
    According to tradition Gautam e.g. sit sat
    In mediation in the Bo tree at (a)
    Bodh Gaya. Unfortunately an original tree (b)
    has disappeared and is replace (c)
    through a successor ? the Peepal tree. (d)

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  • question_answer4)

    Rearrange the following words/phrases to form meaningful sentences.
    The first one has been done as an example.
    ideal citizen/the nation /an/to/an asset/ is
    An ideal citizen is an asset to the nation.
    (a) makes / he / a valuable contribution / nation building / to / activities /
    (b) he / his / knows/and / rights / responsibilities /
    (c) his country / of / he abides / the / by / laws /

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    Answer the following questions in 30- 40 words each:
    (a) How did Lavinia react when she saw Helen, the ghost?

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    Answer the following questions in 30- 40 words each:
    (b) What changed Patol Babu's mind about the small role allotted to him?

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    Answer the following questions in 30- 40 words each:
    (c) What argument did Brutus put forward in defence of Caesar's murder?

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    Answer the following questions in 30- 40 words each:
    (d) Why did the mariners hail the arrival of the albatross?

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    Answer the following questions in 30- 40 words each:
    (e) How can we say that the sculptor was a master artist? (Ozymandias).

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Solved Paper - English-2017 Outside Delhi Set-II
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