Solved papers for 12th Class Geography Solved Paper - Geography 2016 Delhi Set-I

done Solved Paper - Geography 2016 Delhi Set-I

  • question_answer1) Why is the age structure considered an important indicator of population composition? Give one reason.

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  • question_answer2) 'Leading a long and healthy life is an important aspect of human development.' Give an argument to support the statement.

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  • question_answer3) 'Agri-business farms are mechanized and large in size.' Examine the statement.

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  • question_answer4) Examine the functioning of World Trade Organisation (WTO).

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  • question_answer5) Name the state of India with highest literacy rate as per 2011 census.

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  • question_answer6) Which major sea port on the eastern coast of India has a land locked harbour?

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  • question_answer7) Name the state of India with largest area.

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  • question_answer8) 'The nature and human beings are so intricately intertwined that they can't be separated.' Substantiate the statement.

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  • question_answer9)

    Study the diagram given below and answer the questions that follow:
    (i) Identify and name the given rural settlement pattern.
    (ii) In which type of areas do we find such type of settlement patterns?
    (iii) Give an important characteristic of this type of settlement pattern.

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  • question_answer10)

    Study the following diagram and answer the questions that follow:
    (i) Identify and name the steel plant shown in this diagram.
    (ii) Name the mining fields which supply coal and limestone to this plant.
    (iii) Mention the source of water for this plant.

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  • question_answer11) 'The promotion of the use of non-conventional sources of energy in India is the need of the hour.' Support the statement.

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  • question_answer12) 'Many of the modern towns in India were developed during the period of British domination.' Substantiate the statement.

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  • question_answer13) 'The urban waste should be properly treated as a resource for various needs of mankind.' Explain the values that can help in changing the urban waste into resources.

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  • question_answer14) What is 'demographic cycle'? Describe three stages of 'demographic transition theory.?

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  • question_answer15) Differentiate between Nomadic herding and commercial livestock rearing, stating any five points of distinction.

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  • question_answer16) What is 'tourism'? Analyse any four tourist attractions in the world.

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  • question_answer17) 'The Suez and the Panama canals are two vital man - made navigation canals which serve as gateways of commerce for both the eastern and western worlds.' In the light of this statement explain the economic significance of these two canals.

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  • question_answer18) Explain why the causes of male and female migration are different in India. Find out the environmental consequences of migration.

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  • question_answer19) 'Erratic monsoon' and 'Indebtedness' are the major problems of Indian agriculture.? Suggest and explain the measures to overcome these problems.

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  • question_answer20) Why is the distribution of roads not uniform in India? Explain, with examples.

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  • question_answer21)

    Five Geographical features shown on the given political outline map of the world as A, B, C, D and E. Identify these features with the help of the information given below and write their correct names on the lines marked near them:
    (A) The country with lowest density of population in Asia.
    (B) An area of nomadic herding.
    (C) A major sea port
    (D) An international airport
    (E) A mega city

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  • question_answer22)

    Locate and label the following on the given political outline map of India with appropriate symbols.
    (i) The state having the highest density of population (2011).
    (ii) The state with smallest rural population.
    (iii) Mayurbhanj - an iron ore mining area.
    (iv) An oil refinery in Karnataka state.
    (v) The headquarter of South Central Railway Zone.

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Solved Paper - Geography 2016 Delhi Set-I
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