Solved papers for 12th Class Geography Solved Paper - Geography 2016 Outside Delhi Set-III

done Solved Paper - Geography 2016 Outside Delhi Set-III Total Questions - 9

  • question_answer1) Which age group forms the working population?

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  • question_answer2) Explain any two features of foot loose industries.

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  • question_answer3) Explain the meaning of 'Volume of Trade'.

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  • question_answer4) How is agricultural density of population different from physiological density of population?

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  • question_answer5) Name the riverine port on the eastern coast of India.

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  • question_answer6) 
    Study the table given below and answer the questions that follow:
    Continent Early 1950 Mid 1970s Mid 2000
    Europe 23 30 58
    Asia 32 69 206
    North and      
    Central America 16 36 79
    South America 8 17 43
    Africa 3 8 46
    Australia 2 2 6
    World Total 84 162 438
    Source: www.citypopulation.delworld.html
    (i) Name the two continents, one with highest growth rate and the other with lowest growth rate of million cities.
    (ii) Why is the number of million cities increasing in the world?
    (iii) Give the meaning of 'Conurbation'.

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  • question_answer7) Explain the importance of 'Integrated Tribal Development Project' implemented in Bharmaur region of Himachal Pradesh.

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  • question_answer8) 'Land transport plays a vital role in the development of trade and tourism in the world', Support the statement with suitable examples.

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  • question_answer9)  Explain why rail transport continues to remain the chief mode of transport for the masses In India.

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Solved Paper - Geography 2016 Outside Delhi Set-III


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