JEE Main & Advanced AIEEE Paper (Held On 11 May 2011)

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    The only statement among the following that is a tautology is -     AIEEE  Solved  Paper (Held On 11 May  2011)

    A) \[A\wedge (A\vee B)\]

    B) \[A\vee (A\wedge B)\]

    C) \[[A\wedge (A\to B)]\to B\]

    D) \[B\to [A\wedge (A\to B)]\]

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    A B \[A\vee B\] \[A\wedge B\] \[A\wedge (A\vee B)\] \[A\vee (A\wedge B)\] \[A\to B\] \[A\wedge (A\to B)\]
    T F T F T T F F
    F T T F F F T F
    T T T T T T T F
    F F F F F F T F
    \[[A\wedge (A\to B\to B]\] \[B\to [A\wedge (A\to B)]\]
    T T
    T F
    T T
    T T

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