JEE Main & Advanced AIEEE Solved Paper-2006

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    Let W denotes the words in the English dictionary. Define the relation R by \[R=\{(x,y)\in W\times W|\] the words\[x\]and y have atleast one letter in common}. Then, R is     AIEEE  Solved  Paper-2006

    A) reflexive, symmetric and not transitive

    B) reflexive, symmetric and transitive

    C) reflexive, not symmetric and transitive

    D) not reflexive, symmetric and transitive

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    Let\[W=\{CAT,TOY,YOU,.....\}\] Clearly, R is reflexive and symmetric but not transitive. Since, \[_{CAT}{{R}_{TOY}}{{R}_{YOU}}{{\cancel{\Rightarrow }}_{CAT}}{{R}_{YOU}}\]

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