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                      We consider a thermodynamic system, If \[\Delta U\] represents the increase in its internal energy and W the work done by the system, which of the following statements is true?                                                    

    A)                 \[\Delta U=-W\] in an adiabatic process                

    B)                 \[\Delta U=W\] in an isothermal process                              

    C)                 \[\Delta U=-W\] in an isothermal process                            

    D)                 \[\Delta U=W\] in an adiabatic process

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

                    An isothermal process is a constant temperature process. In this process, T = constant or \[\Delta T=0\].                 \[\therefore \Delta U=n{{C}_{v}}\,\Delta T=0\]                 An adiabatic process is defined as one with no heat transfer into or out of a system. Therefore, Q = 0. From the first law of thermodynamics.                 \[W=-\Delta U\]                 or            \[\Delta U=-W\]

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