Banking Computers IBPS RRBs Officer CWE Main Exam 2016

  • question_answer Storage capacity of magnetic disk depends on

    A)  Tracks per inch of surface

    B)  Bits per inch of tracks

    C)  Disk pack in disk surface

    D)  Both 1 and 2

    E)  All of the above given as options

    Correct Answer: E

    Solution :

    [e] A magnetic disk is a Mylar-or metallic platter on which electronic data are stored. Storage capacity of a disk depends on:
    Disk surface: the more the disk surface, the greater is its stor age capacity;  
    Bits per inch of track: Storage capacity depends on the number of bits that can be stored on an inch of track; both are directly proportional.
    Tracks per inch of surface: The greater the number of tracks that can be placed on an inch of surface the greater is the storage capacity of the disk


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