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done AIEEE Solved Paper-2013

  • question_answer1) A piston filled with 0.04 mol of an ideal gas expands reversibly from 50.0 mL to 375 mL at a constant temperature of\[37.0{}^\circ C.\] As it does so, it absorbs 208 J of heat. The values of q and w for the process will be: \[(R=8.314\text{ }J/mol\text{ }K)\text{ }(ln\text{ }7.5=2.01)\]     AIEEE Solevd Paper-2013

    A) \[q=+208\text{ }J,\text{ }w=-208\text{ }J\]

    B) \[q=-208\text{ }J,\text{ }w=-208\text{ }J\]

    C) \[q=-208\text{ }J\text{ },\text{ }w=+208\text{ }J\]

    D) \[q=+208\text{ }J\text{ },\text{ }w=+208\text{ }J\]

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AIEEE Solved Paper-2013
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