JEE Main & Advanced JEE Main Solved Paper-2014

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    Three positive numbers form an increasing G.P. If the middle term in this G.P. is doubled, the new numbers are in A.P. Then the common ratio of the G.P. is :   JEE Main  Solved  Paper-2014

    A) \[\sqrt{2}+\sqrt{3}\]                      

    B) \[3+\sqrt{2}\]

    C) \[2-\sqrt{3}\]                    

    D) \[2+\sqrt{3}\]

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    Let the numbers be \[\text{a,ar,a}{{\text{r}}^{\text{2}}}\] is G.P. Given a, 2ar, ar2 are in A.P. the\[2ar=\frac{a+a{{r}^{2}}}{2}(a\ne 0)\]which gives \[r+2+\sqrt{3},\]r = 2 + 3 , as the G.P. is an increasing G.P.

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