NEET Biology NEET PYQ-Biological Classification and System of Classification

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    Match the following organisms with their respective characteristics:            [NEET 2019]
    Pila (i) Flame cells
    Bombyx (ii) Comb plates
    Pleurobrachia (iii) Radula
    Taenia (iv) Malpighian Tubules

    A) A-(ii), B-(iv), C-(iii), D-(i)

    B) A-(iii), B-(ii), C-(iv), D-(i)

    C) A-(iii), B-(ii), C-(i), D-(iv)

    D) A-(iii), B-(iv), C-(ii), D-(i)

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    [d]\[\to \]Pila (mollusca) have radula
    \[\to \]Bombyx (arthropoda) have malphigian tubules
    \[\to \]Pleurobrachia (ctenophora) have comb plates
    \[\to \]Taenia (platyhelminthes) have flame cells for excretion
    Locusta is a gregareous pest.
    In Echinoderms, adults are radially symmetrical but larvae are bilaterally symmetrical.
    Scorpions respire through book lungs.
    Bioluminescence is well marked in ctenophores.

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