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    An em wave is propagating in a medium with a velocity \[\overrightarrow{\text{v}}=\text{v}\widehat{\text{i}}\]. The instantaneous oscillating electric field of this em wave is along \[\text{+y}\] axis. Then the direction of oscillating magnetic field of the em wave will be along                                                                                [NEET - 2018]

    A)  -y direction       

    B)       +z direction

    C)   -z direction                  

    D)  -x direction

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    [b] \[\overrightarrow{\text{E}}\times \overrightarrow{\text{B}}=\overrightarrow{\text{V}}\]
    \[(\text{E}\overrightarrow{\text{j}})\times (\overrightarrow{\text{B}})=\text{v}\widehat{\text{i}}\]
    So, \[\overrightarrow{\text{B}}\text{=B}\widehat{\text{k}}\]
    Direction of propagation is along +z direction.

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