NEET Biology NEET PYQ-Excretory System In Animals

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    Figure shows human urinary system with structures labelled A to D. Select option, which correctly identifies them and gives their characteristics and/of functions [NEET 2013]

    A) 4-adrenal gland-located at the anterior part of kidney. Secrete catecholamines, which stimulate glycogen breakdown

    B) B-pelvis-broad funnel shaped space inner to hilum, directly connected to loops of Henie

    C) C-mediulla-inner zone of kidney and contains complete nephrons

    D) D-cortex-outer part of kidney and do not contain any part of nephrons

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    [D] A-Adrenal gland, B-Renal pelvis, C- Medulla, D-Cortex.

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