NEET Biology NEET PYQ-Morphology Of Plants

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    How many plants in-the list given below have marginal placentation?                    
    Mustard, Gram, Tulip, Asparagus, Arhar, Sunnhemp, Chilli, Colchicine, Onion, Moong,      Pea, Tobacco, Lupin               [AIPMT (M) 2012]

    A) Four

    B) Five  

    C) Six

    D) Three      

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    Placentation Example
    Axile Tomato, onion. Asparagus, tobacco, chilli, tulip, colchicines
    Parietal Mustard
    Marginal Gram, arhar, moong, pea, lupin sun hemp

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