NEET Chemistry NEET PYQ-Organic Chemistry Some Basic Principles

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    In Duma’s method for estimation of nitrogen, 0.25 g of an organic compound gave 40 mL of nitrogen collected at 300 K temperature and 725 mm pressure. If the aqueous tension at 300 K is 25 mm, the percentage of nitrogen in the compound is                               [NEET 2015 (C)]

    A) 17. 36

    B) 18.20

    C) 16.76

    D) 15.76

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    [c] Experimental values
    According to Duma's method for estimation of N,
    Weight of nitrogen
    where, p is pressure = 700 mm
    V of nitrogen = 40mL
    M molecular mass of
     & of nitrogen

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