NEET Physics Thermometry, Calorimetry & Thermal Expansion NEET PYQ-Thermometry, Calorimetry and Thermal Expansion

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    Steam at \[100{}^\circ C\] is passed into 20 g of water at\[10{}^\circ C\]. When water acquires a temperature of \[80{}^\circ C,\] the mass of water present will be [Take specific heat of water \[=1\,\,cal\,\,{{g}^{-1}}{{\,}^{o}}{{C}^{-1}}\] and latent heat of steam \[=540\,\,cal\,\,{{g}^{-1}}\]]                                                 [NEET 2014]

    A)  24 g                

    B)       31.5 g

    C)  42.5 g             

    D)       22.5 g

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    Heat lost by steam = Heat gained by water Let M’ amount of heat converts into water.
    \[m'\times L=ms\,\Delta t\]
    \[m'\times 540=20\times 1\times (80-10)\]
    \[m'=\frac{20\times 70}{540}=2.5g\]
    Now, net water \[=20+2.5=22.5\,\,g\]

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