RAJASTHAN PMT Rajasthan - PMT Solved Paper-2005

  • question_answer The volume of oxygen necessary for the complete combusion of \[20\,\,litre\] of propane is:

    A) \[40\,\,litre\]                    

    B) \[60\,\,litre\]

    C) \[80\,\,litre\]    

    D)        \[100\,\,litre\]

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    Combustion of propane takes place as follows \[\underset{\text{Propane}}{\mathop{{{C}_{3}}{{H}_{8}}}}\,+\underset{\text{Oxygen}}{\mathop{5{{O}_{2}}}}\,\xrightarrow{{}}3C{{O}_{2}}+4{{H}_{2}}O\] \[\therefore \,\,1\,\,litre\]of propane required \[5\,\,litre\] of oxygen for combustion. \[\therefore \,\,20\,\,litre\]of propane required oxygen \[=5\times 20=100\,\,litre\].


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