UPSC General Studies Solved Paper - General Studies-2016

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    What was the main reason for the split in the Indian National congress at Surat in1907?

    A)  Introduction of communalism into Indian politics by Lord Minto

    B)  Extremists' lack of faith in the capacity of the moderates to negotiate with the British Government

    C)  Foundation of Muslim League

    D)  Aurobindo Ghosh's inability to be elected as the President of the Indian National Congress

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    Exp. [b] Moderates believed in the policy of settlement of minor issue with the government by deliberations. But the extremists believed in agitation, strikes and boycotts to force their demands. Some nationalists led by Lokmanya Tilak agitated against the moderate behaviour of Congress against British rule. This led to a split in the Congress in 1907 which is known as Surat split of 1907.

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