12th Class Geography Solved Paper - Geography 2015 Delhi Set-I

  • question_answer Define the term 'nomadic herding'. Explain its any four characteristics.


    Nomadic Herding is a primitive subsistence activity in which the herders rely on animals for food, clothing, shelter, tools and transport. They move from one place to another along with their livestock.
    (i) Simplest form of pastoralism in which herds and flocks graze on natural vegetation called pastures.
    (ii) It ancient activity where each nomadic community occupies a well-defined territory as per their traditions and culture.
    (iii) Nomads different type of animals in the herd according to local cultural and physical characteristics. The camel is the most desired animal in North Africa and the Middle East followed by sheep and goats. Horses, yaks, reindeers and Llamas are other important animals.
    (iv) The life of the nomadic herders is dependent upon their animals, which provided food, clothing (from their wool, hair or skins), transport and for materials from which their houses can be made.
    (v) They move with their herds from one place to another place with change in seasons. This is known as Transhumance for example sheep or other animals may graze in alpine meadows in the summer and be heralded back down into valleys tor the winter.

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