12th Class Geography Solved Paper - Geography 2015 Delhi Set-I

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    Why is the area under pastures decreasing in India? How do the changes in the economy effect the changes in land use? Explain.


    The area under pasture is decreasing in India due to the pressure from agricultural land and illegal encroachment due to expansion of cultivation on common pasture land.
    Changes in economy effect the change in land use:
    (i) Size of economy: Growth of the economy over the period of time result in increasing population, change in income levels, available technology and associated factors. As a result, the pressure on land will increase and marginal lands will come under use.
    (ii) Composition of economy: The secondary and the tertiary sectors are growing much faster than the primary sector, specifically the agricultural sector. This type of change is common in developing countries like India. This process would result in a gradual shift of land from agricultural uses to non-agricultural uses.
    (iii) Declining contribution of agriculture: The contribution of the agricultural activities reduces over time. In developing countries, the share of population dependent on agriculture declines slowly as compared to the decline in the sector?s share in GDP. The number of people that the agricultural sector has to feed is increasing day by day.

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