12th Class Geography Solved Paper - Geography 2016 Delhi Set-III

  • question_answer Differentiate between Mixed farming and Dairy farming; stating any five points of distinction.


    The differences are as follows:
    (i) The use of a single farm for multiple purposes, as the growing of cash crops or the raising of livestock is called as mixed farming. Dairy farming involves the management of dairy cows and milking operations to ensure maximum milk production.
    (ii) it is practised mainly near urban and industrial centres which provide neighbourhood market for fresh milk and dairy products. Dairy farms occupy coastal and low-ly-ing meadowlands and rolling pasture lands of Europe and United States.
    (iii) The crops associated with it are wheat, barley, oats, rye, maize, fodder and root crops. Fodder crops are an important component of mixed farming. Dairy farms produce, milk and milk related products.
    (iv) Equal emphasis is laid on crop cultivation and animal husbandry. In dairy farming a greater emphasis is placed on the improvement of herds, scientific management of livestock, maintenance of sheds and storage of dairy products.
    (v) In mixed farming a farmer can take up different types of practices for income generation while doing his main business of agriculture. These practices are ? poultry faming, dairy farming, bee keeping, sericulture, pisciculture, shrimp farming, goat and sheep rearing, piggery and agro forestry. However in dairy farming farmers focus on rearing of livestock only.


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