12th Class History Solved Paper - History 2012 Outside Delhi Set-I

  • question_answer Explain briefly any five striking features about the location of Vijayanagara.


    Vijayanagar as a capital was chosen on some well thought lines with respect to security, water, forest, legitimacy to king?s rule etc.
    1. The most striking feature about the location of Vijayanagara is the natural basin formed by the river Tungabhadra which flows in a north-easterly direction.
    2. The surrounding landscape is characterized by granite hills that seem to form a girdle around the city. These granite hills provided security to the capital from any external aggression.
    3. Also, the area where Vijayanagara lies is one of the most arid zones of peninsula therefore tanks and water reservoirs were necessitated. Therefore a number of streams flow down to the river from the granite hills and embankments were built along these streams to create reservoirs of varying sizes.
    Example: Kamalapuram tank, Hiriya canal etc.
    4. Another striking feature is that Vijayanagara was located in topography where there was abundance of forests and agricultural lands. The rulers utilized this and thus fortification not only encircled the city but also its agricultural hinterland and forests. Thus helping them in times of encirclement of fort by enemy.
    5. Also, Vijayanagara has shrines of Virupaksha and Pampadevi, therefore it seems that the choosing Vijayanagara as capital is inspired by this as the Vijayanagara kings claimed to rule on behalf of the god Virupaksha.

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