12th Class History Solved Paper - History 2014 Outside Delhi Set-II

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    Explain how rumours and prophecies played an important part in moving people to action during the revolt of 1857.


    Rumours and prophecies played an important part in the revolt of 1857 as these rumours touched the very essence of lives of people i.e., their religion and caste.
    Greased Cartridges of Enfield rifles: There were rumours among sepoys that the newly introduced cartridges of infield rifles were greased with fat of cow and pigs and that the sepoys will have to open these with their mouth thus defiling the religion of Hindus and Muslims respectively.
    Bone Dust in Flour: There were rumours that British wanted to destroy the religion of Indians and convert them to Christianity. Thus they had mixed the bone dust of cows and pigs into the flour that was sold in the market.
    Prophecy: The response to the call for action was reinforced by the prophecy that British rule would come to an end on the centenary of the Battle of Plassey, on 23 June 1857.

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