12th Class History Solved Paper - History 2015 Outside Delhi Set-II

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    Why was Vitthala temple of the Vijayanagara unique?


    Features of Vitthala temple of the Vijayanagara
    (1) The principal deity was Vitthala, a form of Vishnu generally worshipped in Maharashtra.
    (2) The introduction of the worship of the deities in Karnataka drew on different traditions to create an imperial culture.
    (3) This temple too has several halls and a unique shrine designed as a chariot.
    (4) A characteristic feature of the temple complexes is the chariot streets that extended from the temple gopuram in a straight line
    (5) These streets were paved with stone slabs and lined with pillared pavilions in which merchants set up their shops.
    (6) Nayakas have supported these temples.

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