10th Class Mathematics Solved Paper - Mathematics 2017 Outside Delhi Set-III

  • question_answer From the top of a tower, 100 m high, a man observes two cars on the opposite sides of the tower and in same straight line with its base, with angles of depression \[30{}^\circ \] and \[45{}^\circ \]. Find the distance between the cars. [Take \[\sqrt{3}=1.732\]]


    Let AB is a tower.
    Cars are at point C and D respectively
    In \[\Delta \,ABC\],
                                        \[\frac{AB}{BC}=\tan \,\,30{}^\circ \]
                                               \[=100\times 1.732\]
    In \[\Delta \,ABD\],
                                        \[\frac{AB}{BD}=\tan \,\,45{}^\circ \]
    Distance between two cars \[=x+y\]


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