12th Class Political Science Solved Paper - Political Science-2015 Outside Delhi Set-I

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    Analyse the political impact of hegemony of the U.S. on the world.
    Analyse any three factors responsible for the European Union to be a highly influential regional organisation.


    Political Impact of the US Hegemony on the World:
    (i) Now the international system is dominated by a sole superpower i.e. the US.
    (ii) The US today spends more on its military capability from the next 12 powers combined.
    (iii) Most of the other countries that are big military spenders are US friends and allies.
    (iv) The US Hegemony is reflected in the role played by the US In providing global public goods.
    (v) SLOCs is under the control of muld-oceanic US Navy.
    (vi) The US also accounts for 15 percent of world trade.
    (vii) World Bank, International Monetary Fund and World Trade Organisation are assumed as the products of American hegemony.
    (viii) The Predominance of the US in the world today is also based on its cultural presence.
    (ix) The US is the most seductive and most powerful culture on earth.
    Factors responsible for the European Union to be a highly influential regional organization:
    (i) Influence of EU in economic fields: The EU is the world?s biggest economy. Its currency, the Euro can pose threat to the dominance of the US dollar also. Its economic power gives it influence over its closest neighbours as well as in Asia and Africa. Its share of world trade is 3 times larger that of the US.
    (ii) Influence of EU in political fields: Its two members Britain and France hold permanent seats in the UN Security Council. It also includes several non- permanent members of the UNSC. The EU has influenced some US policies such as the current US position on Iran?s nuclear programme.
    (iii) Influence of EU in military fields: The EU?s combined Armed Forces are the second largest in the world. Its total spending on defence is second after the US. Its two members Britain and France also have nuclear 550 nuclear war heads.


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