12th Class Political Science Solved Paper - Political Science-2016 Outside Delhi Set-I

  • question_answer Examine the conditions responsible for the growth of Naxalite Movement in India. Suggest ways and means to crush it.


    Conditions responsible for the growth of Naxalite Movement:
    (i) Social and economic injustice prevailing in the society.
    (ii) Forced labour.
    (iii) Expropriation of resources by outsiders.
    (iv) Exploitation by moneylenders.
    (v) The naxalites say it is a fight for improved land rights and more jobs for neglected agricultural labour and poor.
    Suggestions to crush Naxalite Movement:
    (i) Government should provide the basic rights to the people of backward areas and Adivasis.
    (ii) Forced labour and exploitation by moneylenders must be stopped.
    (iii) The Government should follow constitutional norms while dealing with the Naxalites.

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