12th Class Political Science Solved Paper - Political Science-2016 Outside Delhi Set-I

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    Analyse any six consequences of the partition of India in 1947.
    Assess the outcomes of the early phase of planned development in India.


    Consequences of partition of India in 1947:
    (i) The Year 1947 was the year of one of the largest, most abrupt, unplanned and tragic transfer of population that human history has known.
    (ii) There were killing and atrocities. On both sides of the border in the name of religion people of one community ruthlessly killed and mained people of the other community.
    (iii) Thousands of women were abducted on both sides of the border. They were made to convert to the religion of the abductor and were forced into marriage.
    (iv) People were forced to abandon their homes and move across the border.
    (v) Women were killed by their own family members to preserve family honour. Many children were separated from their parents.
    (vi) All the writer poets in various fields expressed their grief and anger.
    (vii) Minorities on both sides of border, fled their homes and secured temporary shelter in refugee camps.
    Outcomes of early phase of Planned Development in India.
    (i) The foundation of India?s future economic growth were laid down.
    (ii) Some of the largest development projects in India?s history were undertaken during this period.
    (iii) Infrastructure for transport and communication were developed.
    (iv) Land reforms did not take place effectively in most parts of the country.
    (v) Political power remained in the hands of land owning classes.
    (vi) Big industrialist continued to benefit and thrive while poverty did not reduce much.
    (vii) These who benefited from unequal development soon became politically powerful and made it even more difficult to move in the desired direction.

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