12th Class Political Science Solved Paper - Political Science-2016 Outside Delhi Set-I

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    Who were Dalit Panthers? Describe their main activities.
    Describe the story of Goa's liberation from the Portuguese to its becoming a state of the Indian Union.


    Dalit Panthers were a militant organization of the Dalit Youth which was formed in Maharashtra in 1972 as a part of these assertions.
    Main Activities of Dalit Panthers:
    (i) Their activities always mostly centered around fighting against atrocities on Dalits in various parts of the State.
    (ii) Their main ideological agenda was to destroy the caste - system.
    (iii) To build an organization of all the oppressed sections like the landless poor peasants and urban industrial workers along with Dalits.
    (iv) It provided a platform for the Dalit educated youth to use their creativity as a protest activity.
    (v) Dalit writers protested against the brutalities of the caste system.
    (vi) Dalit Panthers got involved in electoral compromises to strengthen their position.
    Goa?s liberation: Although the British Empire in India came to an end in 1947, Portugal refused to withdraw from the territories of Goa, Diu and Daman which were under its colonial rule since the sixteenth century. During their long rule, the Portuguese suppressed the people of Goa, denied them civil rights, and carried out forced religious conversions. After India?s Independence, the Indian government tried very patiently to persuade the Portuguese government to withdraw. There was also a strong popular movement within Goa for freedom. They were strengthened by socialist satyagrahis from Maharashtra. Finally, in December 1961, the Government of India sent the army which liberated these territory after barely two days of action. Goa, Diu and Daman became Union Territory. Another complication arose soon. Led by the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP) one section desired that Goa, as a Marathi speaking area should merge with Maharashtra. However, many Goans were keen to retain a separate Goan identity and culture, particularly the Konkani language. They were led by the United Goan Party (UGP). In January 1967, the Central Government held a special ??opinion poll7 in Goa asking people to decide if they wanted to be part of Maharashtra or remain separate. This was the only time in independent India that a referendum" like procedure was used to ascertain people?s wishes on a subject. The majority voted in favour of remaining outside of Maharashtra. Thus, Goa continued as a Union Territory. Finally, in 1987, Goa became a State of the Indian Union.

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