12th Class Political Science Solved Paper - Political Science-2018 Outside Delhi

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    Analyse any three threats to the global environment these days.
    Analyse any three demerits of globalisation.


    The major three threats to the global environment are:
    (1) Ozone layer depletion is an alarming concern for ecosystem.
    (2) Loss of fertility of agricultural land due to extreme use of fertilisers and overgrazed grasslands.
    (3) Coastal pollution too is increasing globally. Although the open sea is relatively clean, waters are becoming increasingly polluted largely due to land - based activities. If unchecked, intensive human settlement of coastal zones across the globe will lead to further deterioration in the quality of marine environment.
    (4) Global warming causing melting of Glaciers.           
    Demerits of Globalisation:                       
    (1) Expensive seeds purchased form MNCs compelled farmers committing suicides due to crop failure.
    (2) Slowly and gradually MNC?s started buying Indian companies, resulted in instability in market.
    (3) While some advances were made in certain arenas, critical sectors such as health, housing and primary education did not receive the attention they deserved.
    (4) India had a fairly sluggish rate of economic growth. In 1991, responding to a financial crisis and to the desire for higher rates of economic growth which yet to be achieved.
    (5) In view of increasing competition from the world, the economics tend to be over protective of domestic interests. This, ironically, leads the economics of the world to move away from one another instead of coming together.                                              
    (6) Due to globalisation, the developed economics use the huge population and market potential of the developing economics to maximize their profits with little regard for social and other considerations.
    From the above demerits of globalisation, it can be concluded that every activity has positive and negative both type of results.


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