12th Class Psychology Solved Paper - Psychology-2017 Delhi

  • question_answer Explain briefly PASS model of intelligence.


    Planning, attention-arousal and simultaneous: Successive (PASS) model of intelligence has been developed By J. P. Das, Jack Naglieri and Kirby (1994). According to this model, intellectual activity involves the interdependent functioning of three neurological systems called the functional units of brain. These units are responsible for:
    (i) Arousal/Attention: It helps us in attending to stimuli. It enables a person to process information. An optimal level of arousal focuses our attention to the relevant aspects of a problem. Too much or too little arousal would interfere with attention.
    (ii) Simultaneous and Successive Processing: Information can be integrated into knowledge system either simultaneously or successively. Simultaneous processing takes place when you perceive the relations among various concepts and integrate them into a meaningful pattern for comprehension. For example, in Raven?s Progressive Learning of digits, alphabets, multiplication rabies, ere.
    (iii) Planning: After the information is attended to and processed planning is activated. It allows us to think of die possible courses of action, implement them to reach a target and evaluate their effectiveness.
    These processes are interactive and dynamic in nature; vet each has its own distinctive functions.


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