10th Class Science Solved Paper - Science-2016 Outside Delhi Set-I

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    It is desired to obtain an erect image of an object, using concave mirror of focal length of 12 cm.
    (i) What should be the range of distance of an object placed in front of the mirror?
    (ii) Will the image be smaller or larger than the object. Draw ray diagram to show the formation of image in this case.
    (iii) Where will the image of this object be, if it is placed 24 cm in front of the mirror? Draw ray diagram for this situation also to justify your answer.
                Show the positions of pole, principal focus and the centre of curvature in the above ray diagrams.        


    (i) The range of distance should be 0 cm to less than 12 cm from the mirror.
    (ii) The image will be larger than the object.
    (iii) Image will be formed at a distance of 24 cm in front of the mirror.


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