10th Class Social Science Solved Paper - Social Science-2015 Outside Delhi Set-II

  • question_answer ?The democracy has been evolved through struggles and movements all over the world.? Support the statement with examples.


    The democracy has been evolved through struggles and movements all over the world. These usually take place when the country is going through transition to democracy, expansion of democracy to deepening of democracy. This is evident with the case of Nepal and Bolivia. There was conflict in Nepal because it faced the foundational challenge. Bolivia on the other hand faced the challenge of expansion and deepening.
                Examples: (i) In Nepal, the movement of democracy was aimed at regaining popular control over the government from the king.
                (ii) In Bolivia, the World Bank pressurised the government to give up its control of municipal water supply. The government sold these rights for the city of Cochabamba to a multi-national company (MNC). After the struggle of Bolivians, the contract with the MNC was cancelled and water supply was restored to the municipality at old rates. In both the cases the struggles involved mass mobilization. Public demonstration of mass support clinched the dispute. It is possible that some significant decisions may take place through consensus and may not involve any conflict. Democratic conflict is resolved through mass mobilization.


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