10th Class Social Science Solved Paper - Social Science-2017 Delhi Set-III

  • question_answer ?Consumer movement can be effective only with the consumer?s active involvement? Support the statement.


    Consumer movement can be effective only with consumer?s active involvement because:
    (i) The consumer movement is generally a result of dissatisfaction of consumer over unfair practices in a market place.
    (ii) Consumer movement becomes successful only with the participation of people. If consumer will not raise any voice against the quality of product or prices of products, there will not be a            movement.
    (iii) Consumers have to be conscious of their rights and duties while buying goods and services.
    (iv) Consumers have to be together and create awareness among other people as well.
    (v) For example in the 1960 there were food shortages black marketing and adulteration of food were taking place. This resulted in strong consumer movement.
    (vi) India have been observing 24 December as the National Consumers? Day. It was on this day, Indian Parliament enacted the Consumer Protection Act in 1986.


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