11th Class Biology Respiration In Plants Types Of Respiratory Organism

Types Of Respiratory Organism

Category : 11th Class

Organism can be grouped into following four classes on the basis of their respiratory habit.

(1) Obligate aerobes : These organisms can respire only in the presence of oxygen. Thus oxygen is essential for their survival.

(2) Facultative anaerobes : Such organisms usually respire aerobically (i.e., in the presence of oxygen) but under certain condition may also respire anaerobically (e.g., Yeast, parasites of the alimentary canal).

(3) Obligate anaerobes : These organisms normally respire anaerobically which is their major ATP- yielding process. Such organisms are in fact killed in the presence of substantial amounts of oxygen (e.g., Clostridium botulinum  and C. tetani).

(4) Facultative aerobes : These are primarily anaerobic organisms but under certain condition may also respire aerobically.

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